Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

Every business needs a well thought-out disaster recovery plan, if any part of the IT system because unavailable or down for a significant amount of time it will severally effect the operation of the business.

Leap IT design and install all of our systems with disaster recovery in mind, using industry recognised Disaster Recovery procedures which include RTO and RPO or Recovery Time Objective and Recovery Point Objective.  The RTO and RPO approach is a way of calculating what sort of disaster recovery plan any business needs to put in place.

Recovery Time Objective is the amount of time you can afford to be without your IT systems and Recovery Point Objective is how far back in time you can afford to go to recover the data.

Different clients have different requirements when it comes to Recovery Point Objective with some sites only being able to lose 3 or 4 hours of data to others that can go back 24 hours without any serious problems.

Leap IT as part of our system design will calculate your required RTO and RPO scores and deliver a backup solution that meets these needs

We also offer our customers a fail over test to ensure the recovery time is acceptable with your business needs and expectations.

It is a fact that every computer system will eventually fail, whether you limit that chance by regularly refreshing your computers and servers or simply by ensuring you have water tight failover and backup solutions in place, Disaster Recovery is an important part of any IT system and something that Leap IT have a considerable amount of knowledge and experience in delivering.

Backup Solutions

As the saying goes nobody really cares about backups, only the restores. Leap IT have tested and installed several of the most popular backup applications on the market in order to find the best product that fits our client’s requirements.

As every business has different objectives from their backup software we offer several solutions to meet your requirements. Every Windows Server we install includes a copy of Microsoft Server Backup as part of the operating system so this is the first level of protection we deploy backing up the entire system each night to a dedicated internal backup drive. We then install Storage Craft Shadow Protect backup software which takes another full image of the server to an onsite NAS storage device.

This backup also allows us to perform a restore to dissimilar hardware which is a huge advantage if your server was ever stolen or destroyed in a fire. With Storage Craft backup we are able to perform a full system recovery to a loan server even if the specification and model is different from your own.

We provide off-site backup solutions using the cloud and our own hosted FTP server to store a copy off-site of all your data.