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Peace of mind from cloud-powered continuity

We take business continuity seriously – with secure and reliable cloud backup options tailored to your business.

IT outages can come from anywhere – natural disaster, the growing cyber threat, power outages, even human error.  It is imperative to have a continuity plan in place should you experience a major disruption. A vital part of this is ensuring that all of your business-critical data and systems are not only protected in the first place, but suitably backed up should the unthinkable occur.

We believe the cloud is an excellent platform for business continuity, offering superior economics and performance to traditional solutions. As continuity forms such a prominent aspect of your IT strategy, we spend real time understanding what would most successfully work for your business.  By examining your Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs), we’re then able to formulate suggestions as to the best solution for your needs.

Cloud backup

Cloud backup overcomes the manual intervention of using tapes or other storage media to backup on-premise systems. This media is highly portable so the risks associated with your company data leaving in someone’s handbag or being left in a car is eliminated too.  It’s intuitive and highly autonomous which means your own people aren’t left sweating over backup success in the server room when they could be doing something more valuable.

We offer three different pathways for cloud backup:

File-level backup

File-level backup

File-level backup is ideally suited to sites with longer recovery times. This ensures that all of your file-level data – essentially your business documents and records – can easily be restored onto new hardware, or even to an external cloud service if necessary, always keeping your critical assets safe.

Machine-level backup

Machine-level backup

As well as having the reassurance of your data backed up in the cloud, we can also backup entire servers to our Private Cloud or Microsoft Azure as virtual machines (VMs).  The backup can then be used to reinstate your servers as VMs onto new physical hardware on-premise or as an entirely new cloud service no longer at your site.  It means you won’t pay for ‘just in case’ redundant hardware that may never be used, and instead you only pay for your storage, until it becomes a disaster recovery (DR) declaration and your servers need to be reactivated.

Real-time replication

Real-time replication

For those organisations operating in particularly sensitive environments, through real-time replication we’re able to take mirror images of your machines and your data every few minutes to either our Private Cloud or Public Clouds such as Microsoft Azure, providing you with the peace of mind that in the event of a catastrophe data or system loss will only be restricted to a few minutes.  These backups can then be used to restore services to a location of your choice.

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