Cloud storage has become more and more accessible and online backup is now the first choice for lots of businesses.

Leap IT are able to offer several cloud based backup solutions to replace traditional tape and USB backups.  Cloud backups offer the ability to automate data backups removing the need for staff to rotate drives or take responsibility for the off-site backup.

Completely Automated

Every business needs a well thought disaster recovery plan in place, even the smallest of business have a tremendous dependence on their IT system, from Email to Web to Telecoms and data, if any part of the IT system because unavailable or down for a significant amount of time it will severally effect the operation of the business.

Leap IT design and install all of our systems with disaster recovery in mind, from a 4 level backup strategy to UPS power protection and off-site facilities.

Secure Encrypted Backups

All Online Backups are monitored by Leap IT remotely to ensure your data is successfully stored in the cloud each time it runs. Online backup prices start from 15p per GB and is a very popular solution with a number of our clients.

Every business has different objectives from their backup software and we offer several solutions to meet your requirements. Every Server we install includes a copy of Microsoft Server Backup as the first level of protection.  We then install Storage Craft Shadow Protect backup software which takes another full image of the server that is then automatically replicated to the cloud each night.

Rapid Restore & Recovery Times

All our cloud based backups are kept for a rolling 60 day period meaning you can restore your files back as far as two months ago.

Whether you need to protect a very small Sage Accounts package to an entire IT infrastructure, all our systems are designed from the ground up with failover and Disaster Recovery in mind