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Server virtualisation has advanced hugely in the past few years and Leap IT now ship all our servers utilising Microsoft Hyper-V virtualisation software.

Server virtualisation tends to be adopted by larger Enterprise corporations however Leap IT have invested a significant amount of time and money into delivering this platform to all of our customers.

Server virtualisation allows one Physical server to run several virtual operating systems each individually managed by Microsoft Hyper-V software.

Having more than one operating system on a server means resources are utilised more efficiently, power consumption is reduced which is better for the environment and recovery is simplified.

Most of our customers require some sort of remote access to their data when out and about or working from home, Leap IT deliver this via a separate virtual Operating system configured especially for remote access.

By having a separate virtual remote access server you are able to completely lock down the server to protect against internet based threats whilst other virtual servers remain open for office based users.

Leap IT deploys Microsoft Hyper-V Technology across all of our sites, the same technology that runs Office 365.

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All Leap IT servers that we install are shipped with Microsoft Hyper-V virtualisation software installed as standard. With server virtualisation we are able to run a “File” server and “remote access” server on the same physical piece of hardware but within separate “virtual” Windows operating systems. By segmenting these roles you help protect your company data from external users trying to compromise your remote acccess server.

Backup and recovery is also a lot simpler when using Microsoft Hyper-V virtualisation software as we are able to restore entire servers onto dissimilar hardware.  Leap IT has a standby server in our offices and should any of our clients experience a significant and long term failure of their server we are able to quickly deploy a replacement server and restore your backup to get you up and running again in a matter of hours, regardless of the hardware you are currently using. Previous non-virtualised servers would of need to be completely re-installed with Windows before you can attempt a restore.

We also manage over 300 Virtual Machines across our clients sites with over 2,000 checks being performed every single day….

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