Leap IT with the help of WatchGuard routers and firewalls provide best of breed network monitoring and protection for each of our clients

UTM or Unified Threat Management is the process of protecting your network from external hackers and intruders. Leap IT install and support Watchguard UTM routers and firewall appliances to help protect against these external threats to our clients.

Firewalls are often overlooked by many IT companies when designing a system, Leap IT have been installing WatchGuard routers for years and we are particular keen on the fact that by default a WatchGuard firewall starts with every port closed, meaning you have to individually enable the ports you need and dont expose your network unnecessarily.

We have in the past configured WatchGuard routers in such a way as to only allow access to the social media site Facebook between 1pm and 2pm, we have also blocked all access to gambling and inappropriate websites for other customers.

We are also able to enable VPN remote access for your staff to access internal resources when away from the office. Our firewalls can be combined with WatchGuard UTM subscriptions to provide business owners with management over what sites and services staff are allowed to use

Using deep packet inspection software built in to WatchGuard routers every piece of traffic coming in to your network or going out of your network is analysed by our WatchGuard routers for any threats or suspicious content. This can include Spam email messages coming in, the WatchGuard router is able to read the message as it enters your network and remove it before it reaches your Outlook email client. WatchGuard routers can also detect malicious code running on websites you are visiting and provide business owners with management over what sites and services staff are allowed to use.