IT Health Checks

“Never under estimate the importance of the ongoing maintenance of your IT system to provide increased reliability and availability of your servers.”

Like many household appliances you use every day, your IT equipment needs regular housekeeping and maintenance to provide increased reliability.  Our health checks come as standard with all our support contracts.

Using one of the leading remote management software programs Leap IT have a complete overview of all of our customer’s servers on one central screen at our offices. We are able to monitor server usage, disc space, free memory, backup and anti-virus status in real-time and react to any problems that arise when they occur, pro-active not reactive.

Monitors temperature of server
Monitors Disc Space
Monitors Backup
Reports on system performance
Monitors Anti Virus Software
Monitors System Logs

Along with the remote management software we install on all of our clients sites we also arrange quarterly site visits to provide our customers with an onsite technical resource to iron out any issues you or your staff may have but usually don’t have the time to call the helpdesk about.

Leap IT over the years have developed a unique understanding of Small Business IT Solutions and the hurdles every Small Business has to overcome. All SME’s have the same IT needs as larger Enterprise businesses but unfortunately not the budgets. Leap IT have been working with SME’s for the past 15 years and we pride ourselves on being able to give sounds cost effective advice and IT solutions time and time again.