dell computers

“Leap IT have been supplying Dell  hardware since 2005 and have a huge amount of knowledge in this area”

There are many advantages in having one supplier provide all the hardware, software and on-going support your business needs. By centralising the supply of your business hardware needs with Leap IT you are able to utilise the partnerships and direct channel access Leap IT already has in place.

From simple 30 day credit accounts with Dell to the logging of hardware failures with Dell for engineer visits. Leap IT have been supplying and servicing Dell IT equipment since 2005 and have an in-depth knowledge of their entire hardware platform.

“We have a dedicated Dell Account Manager to process all our clients orders”

A modern Dell server now comes with over 60 different options and components and trying to get the right server to do the right job that your Company needs is a complicated process.

Leap IT have installed hundreds of Servers, PC’s and Laptops to our customers all backed up with our on-going support and servicing. We also supply and install printers, tablets, wireless networks, hubs, switches and every kind of IT hardware your business needs to operate, all through our established partnerships we have had in place for over 15 years.

Desktop PCs
Dell computers

Leap IT have established partnerships in place with several hardware vendors so if you have a particular preference towards other brands such as HP, Sony or Lenovo for example, we have no issues sourcing these for you as well.

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