Our pay-as-you-go support is charged at £60 +VAT per hour and covers both onsite and offsite support depending on what our customers need.

Pay as you go support

Pay-as-you-go support for our smaller clients…

Leap IT are able to offer Pay-as-you-Go Support, 30 day rolling contracts or 12 month commitments to suit your individual needs.  Our Pay as you go support is available to our micro businesses or typically those with less than 3 people in the organisation. The service is very popular with our smaller sites that just want the assurance that someone will help it and when they ever have a problem.

All Leap IT customers get the benefit of our best of breed remote management and reporting software. Not only do we monitor and report against critical aspects of your system we also have thresholds and rules setup that can alert us of any severe failures and also make changes automatically to safe guard the system

Remote management and reporting software provides real-time monitoring of mission critical servers and generates alerts if failures are detected.

Monitors temperature of server

Reports on system performance enabling us to see bottlenecks in the system and resolve them

Monitors disc space

Monitors backup

Monitors anti virus software and status

Monitors event viewer and system logs

Monitors hard disc drives for failures