State Of the Art Print Solutions

As a Company we found we were spending more and more time with the day to day support of our clients photocopiers from scan to email not working, installing print drivers, relocating existing machines and providing network connectivity.

It was only when we realised our customers are already paying a monthly charge to their copier provider for this service we could see the savings that could be achieved.  By shifting the delivery of our clients printing requirements to Leap IT alongside the IT support we were already providing  we can save our customers hundreds of pounds each year.

Sharp Printer

“Consolidating key IT functions with a single multi-platform vendor delivers greater efficiency throughout the business and significant cost savings compared to a multi-contract, multi supplier approach”


A Company that manages your Print alongside your IT

  • Our colour series document systems combine the simplicity of touch-screen menu navigation with robust multi-tasking workflow features that can help virtually any office accomplish more in less time
  • Keep regularly printed documents stored directly on the copier enabling one press printing
  • Intelligently Scan documents and file them directly on your servers based on their content
  • Preview documents directly on the printer before committing to print
  • Bolt-on advanced finishing such as pamphlet, brochure, hole punched and stapled final documents
  • Advanced energy savings features that power down the copier when not in use
  • Define user groups to manage and restrict features such as colour copying and scanning
  • Full technical support by Leap IT included
  • All parts, servicing, faults, breakdowns and toners are included in the cost

“Complete piece of mind, once your copier is installed it is fully managed, including all replacement toners,  alongside your existing IT”

A Selection Of Our Most popular SHARP Printers

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    Sharp MX301

    A small footprint desktop color workgroup document system offers multitasking workflow features great for small spaces.

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    Sharp MX2640

    Combine the simplicity of touch-screen menu navigation & multi-tasking workflow features that can elevate your office productivity to new levels.

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    Perfect for high print capacity with its 2000 sheet multi draw solution. Touch Screen display with preview and editing to reduce waste.